National Effective Speaking Program

2024 National Effective Speaking Competition Winners

1st place: FCpl Kamea Lafontaine

2nd place: FSgt Michelle Lu

3rd place: Sgt Amelia Wood

2023 National Effective Speaking Competition Winners

1st place: FCpl Saanvi Reddy Katireddy

2nd place: Sgts Diana Peter

3rd place: WO2 Simar Ubhi

Competition Highlights

Competition Videos

Watch the speeches of the 2023 National Effective Speaking Competition by selecting a competitor’s name below:

FCpl Saanvi Reddy Katireddy – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

Sgts Diana Peter – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

WO2 Simar Ubhi – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

Cpl Peter Dunnett – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

WO2 Morvarid Rezaei Noei Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

FSgt Neil Romeiro Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

FCpl Katelyn Browley Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

WO2 Andrew Conners Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

WO2 Matthew Ketch Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

Cpl Kamea Lafontaine Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

WO2 Daisy Kinch Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

2022 National Effective Speaking Competition Winners

1st place: WO1 Jaeden Rossner

2nd place: FSgt Karam Albatal

3rd place: Sgt Alex Harris

2021 National Effective Speaking Competition Winners

1st place: WO2 Matthew Douglas

2nd place: WO1 Sophie Anning

3rd place: Sgt Yode Perrine


2019 National Effective Speaking Competition Winners

1st place: WO1 Cameron Kinsella

2nd place: WO2 Katherine Latosinsky

3rd place: Sgt Elaine Xiao

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Cadet Testimonial

When I made the decision to join the Air Cadet program in 2013, I had no idea how many opportunities it would give me, nor how much it would impact my life. When I first joined the program, I made it my goal to become a better leader and earn my pilots license. Why these particular goals? It is because they contrast two of my biggest fears — my fear of being in the spotlight, and my fear of heights. I thought that if I faced my fears directly, then I would be able to overcome them. So, as I progressed through the program, I took every opportunity to do the things that I didn’t want to do. While it may sound like this ruined my experience, I believe that it elevated it. Today, I am proud that I can lead a group of individuals without shaking, and I can look down from 10,000 feet without getting light-headed.

My name is Warrant Officer 1st Class Cameron Kinsella, and I love facing my fears head-on. In other words, I love doing the things I hate. So, when my squadron’s Commanding Officer told me about the Effective Speaking Competition in September 2018, I had no hesitation when I told her that I wanted to participate: to face my fear of public speaking. I first began by reading through the possible topics, and went with the one that riled me up the most: The Positive and Negative Effects of Advancements in Technology. I started by studying speeches. Everything from the speeches of previous winners of the National Effective Speaking Competition, to Toastmasters speeches, to TED talks on relationship advice. Then, using this knowledge, I threw together my first draft. After some editing, I created my second draft. Then my third, then fourth, then fifth, etc. After countless iterations of this process, I found myself with a speech that I was proud of.

This year was the first time I had ever participated in the National Effective Speaking Program, so it was really daunting in the beginning. I practiced my speech tirelessly. I practiced in front of the mirror, in front of my family, and in my head during my daily activities. All of the work and practice really paid off when I first did my speech in the regional competition. All of my fears subsided in those five minutes, and the hard work I put in was able to take over through the nerves. With each time I did my speech in front of a crowd af this point, I became more and more confident in my ability to conquer my fears and deliver a message to an audience. The impromptu speeches were also incredibly helpful in building my confidence with public speaking. Coming up with a speech in three minutes is no easy task, and it was a scary thought to say the least. However, I learned to think on my feet and use the skills I had learned in order to speak effectively. This challenge really improved my ability to think quickly and taught me how to confidently speak in front of an audience without much time to simply memorize and prepare. This is a great and important skill that will help me and other cadets greater in our futures. Even though it hasn’t been long, I can already see how much of a difference it has made in other areas of my life with my leadership and confidence.

The national competition was an incredible experience. I had the opportunity to meet some of the most effective speakers I have ever met, and the experience gave me the opportunity to learn and grow even more by watching the incredible speeches of these talented cadets from all across Canada. I believe the amount of sheer talent in a group of such young individuals truly speaks to the Air Cadet program as a whole. The National Effective Speaking Program gives young people so many opportunities to grow, learn new skills, and face our fears through all it has to offer, and it clearly pays off.

Cameron Kinsella, 2019 National Effective Speaking Competition Winner

Samantha Keow, 2018 National Effective Speaking Competition Winner 

Heather Blake, 2017 National Effective Speaking Competition Winner

Jay Shah, 2017 National Effective Speaking Competition Finalist

Pearl Barnes, 2016 National Effective Speaking Competition Winner

Competition Highlights

Competition Videos

Watch the speeches of the 2022 National Effective Speaking Competition by selecting a competitor’s name below:

WO1 Jaeden Rossner – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

FSgt Karam Albatal – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

Sgt Alex Harris – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

WO2 Sinnead Barnes – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

Cpl Himani Bhatt – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

Sgt Lindsay Hawley Bourque – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

Cpl Zoya Jham – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

Sgt Iraj Moutameni – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

Sgt Nabh Samtaney – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

Sgt Nathaniel Stuit – Prepared SpeechImpromptu Speech


Photo Album

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Competition Videos

Watch all the speeches of the 2019 National Effective Speaking Competition by clicking here or the video above. You can also select a competitor’s name to watch one of their speeches.

WO1 Cameron KinsellaPrepared Speech – Impromptu Speech

WO2 Cameron Fiander – Prepared Speech – Impromptu Speech

Sgt Oliver Batchilder – Prepared Speech – Impromptu Speech

LAC Piper-Lily McCullough – Prepared Speech – Impromptu Speech

FCpl Hana BadawiImpromptu Speech

WO2 Katherine LatosinskyPrepared SpeechImpromptu Speech

FSgt Mackenzie Guillou-CormierPrepared Speech – Impromptu Speech

LAC Oluiwatomi AkinwuntanPrepared Speech – Impromptu Speech

WO2 Caitlin AckerPrepared Speech – Impromptu Speech

Sgt Elaine XiaoPrepared Speech – Impromptu Speech

Sgt Shaileshwara Sivakumar  – Prepared Speech – Impromptu Speech


Watch all the speeches of the 2018 National Effective Speaking Competition by clicking here.


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