Topics For The National Effective Speaking Competition 2022

Here are the topics for 2022:

  1. How can the Air Cadet experience be made more engaging in the post Covid world?
  2. Because we are seeing a heightened interest and travel into space, what do you see as the future of space travel?
  3. Should every student be required to learn at least one additional language?
  4. Should classes about mental health and wellness be added to school curriculum?
  5. What is the biggest current threat to the environment and how would you suggest we remedy it?
  6. Is effective speaking still relevant today in a society where social networks dictate the pace of information?
  7. Why is it important for youth to be engaged & involved in truth & reconciliation?
  8. What is the impact of social medias on youth?
  9. What are the biggest challenges facing youth today?
  10. Cadet Choice: must fit into one of these categories: Cadet Life; Science and Technology; Aviation; Canadian History or Citizenship

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