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President’S Message

Becoming a cadet means one step closer to becoming a world class global citizen.  We are proud at the Air Cadet League of Canada to encourage and foster attributes in youth that build character, leadership and social prowess all while exploring the world of aviation.

Our cadets learn a wide range of life-skills that are proven to make them stand confidently in today’s ever-changing world. Among many advantages, the Air Cadet Program grants youth access to scholarships, career fairs, coaching in effective communication, music and biathlon competitions along with the opportunity to train in our fleet of gliders.

It is our hope that with the Air Cadet Program, youth can undertake larger roles in their own communities and to graciously contribute to a better world of inclusivity and social awareness all while making new friends and having fun.

Through the many industry partners, donors and efforts of thousands of volunteers that help run our operations, the Air Cadet League has built a supportive community that strives to keep the education of youth as our main priority.

In partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces, it is my honour to continue to guide programs and opportunities that help thousands of youth each year in exploring their potential.

James Hunter CD



An aviation focused organization preparing youth to be engaged citizens of Canada.


To promote and encourage the nation’s youth to develop and maintain an interest in aviation, leadership and citizenship, in partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces and other organizations.


Air Cadet League of Canada is a civilian, non-profit, community-based and volunteer-led organization that in collaboration with the Department of National Defence and our other partners, is dedicated to supporting the objectives of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program. The purposes of the League are to advance the education of the Air Cadets and to promote an interest in the air element of the Canadian Forces, specifically:

  • To help the youth improve their knowledge of aviation providing educational programs and resources, including flight and ground crew training, guided visits to science and aviation facilities, and awards and scholarships,
  • To help the youth become better citizens by providing educational programs and resources, including leadership and communication skills training, music training, volunteer opportunities in the community, and awards and scholarships, and
  • To provide air cadet training to youth as a means of promoting the efficiency of the armed forces.

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