Planning Calendar

Squadron Effective Speaking Coordinator

The squadron effective speaking coordinator is the person responsible for organizing the program. This may mean presenting the program to the Cadets, or it may mean recruiting another volunteer to train/teach the Cadets. The coordinator should also have a committee to assist in organizing and running the squadron-level competition.

Planning Calendar

This is a suggested planning calendar only. It will assist in preparation and organization of the program, and will act as a checklist for tasks to be undertaken.


Air Cadet League Headquarters provides the Rules and Forms to Provincial Committees for distribution to squadrons.


Provincial Committees name Provincial Coordinators and advises Air Cadet League Headquarters of their names

(in the event a National Level Competition is held).

Provincial Coordinators send information on Effective Speaking Competition to all Region Coordinators, Sponsoring

Committee Chairmen and Squadron Commanding Officer.


Sponsoring Committee Chairmen, Provincial Coordinators and Regional Coordinators, appoint committee members for competitions at the various levels.

Post circulars at Squadron Headquarters.

Study Organizers Guide and Rules for Competition. Choose dates for competition.

Begin preparation of budget.

Review progress reports from Coordinators and Committee members. Begin planning promotion – assign someone to do publicity at each level. Decide on materials and participation certificates needed.

Submit completed budget to coordinators. Circulate advance publicity to the media.

Begin looking for timekeepers, tellers and judges plus alternates. Make comprehensive review of programs and dates of program.

Review number of participants, schedule preliminary competition if more competitors are entered. Ideally, for the sake of the judges, limit speeches to no more than 10 competitors.

Plan layout and organization of competition night.

Have judges, timekeepers, tellers and alternates confirmed.

If number of competitors is insufficient, make another effort through squadrons.

January 1-15

Make final preparations.

Review all plans – double check everything.

Review time and date of competition(s) – recruit assistance if necessary. Conduct preliminary competitions, if needed.

January 16 – February 28

Conduct local Competitions.

March 1 – March 31

Conduct Regional Competitions.

April 1 – April 30

Conduct Provincial Competitions.

May 1

Advise National Coordinator of Regional Champion.


Don’t forget to circulate news releases on winners.

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