Presidential Citation

The Presidential Citation is an Award that can be made to a Member of the Air Cadet League of Canada for continuous meritorious service, but who has already been recognized by the Air Cadet League as a recipient of the Certificate of Honour.

The Award may also be made to a Member who has been nominated for a Medal of Honour one or more times, but has not been a recipient of the Award. The President’s Citation should be used to recognize a Member’s extraordinary contribution above that which earned him the Certificate of Honour or a nomination for the Medal of Honour. The President’s Citation can also be awarded to a non-League person for significant contribution to the Air Cadet Movement. Nominations for the President’s Citation can be made by any Member of the League at the National, Provincial or Local Levels. Recipients of the President’s Citation may receive more than one President’s Citation and will continue to be eligible for nomination for the Medal of Honour. This Award is normally reserved for civilian personnel, but in special circumstances may be awarded to Military personnel or to supporting organizations.

Application for this Award is made using League Form ACC50. Submissions should be forwarded from the originator to the National Office (Attention: Honours and Awards Committee) no later than 31 March. Included in the application should be appropriate substantiation for the Award.

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