Effective Speaking Committee

  • Every level of  competition needs an Effective Speaking Committee, which has authority over  the competition. This Committee is responsible to the Provincial Coordinator, who is responsible for the provincial competition.
  •   The Committee has these duties:
  •  Selecting someone to host the event.
  •  Selecting and briefing the Master of Ceremonies for the competition.
  •  Selecting appropriate judges for the competition in accordance with the regulations. Judges could be Toastmasters, schoolteachers or principals, journalists, civil servants, policemen or any other members of the community.
  • Optionally selecting an evaluator to help prepare the Evaluation sheets.
  • Informing judges and evaluator in advance about:
    • the Air Cadet program,
    • the competition procedure,
    • the importance of constructive comments, and
    • how to score marking and evaluator sheets.
  • Obtaining facilities and having them available at least half an hour before the competition.
  • Obtaining a P.A. system, podium, time cards or timing devices, stopwatches, and any recognition of speakers and judges.
  • Providing extra score marking sheets and extra evaluation sheets.
  • Preparing the impromptu topic in collaboration with the judges. The impromptu topic should be based on knowledge available to all the contestants regardless of age or experience.
  •  Meet with contestants briefly before the competition to clarify procedures, answer questions, and proceed with the draw to determine the order the speaker will participate.
  •  Put contestants’ speaking number and topics on the score marking sheet in the order that they will speak.
  •  Selecting, briefing and supervising timekeeper(s) and teller.
  • Breaking ties resulting from the competition by having the judges agree on a winner. Tied competitors should not be subjected to a second impromptu speech.
  • Selecting a Resolution Panel to rule on disqualifications (e.g., Competition Coordinator, Chief Judge, etc.) for such infractions as not presenting an original speech and/or using visual aids and gimmicks, etc. These contestants will not be eligible to receive an award. Any award will be forfeited to the next deserving contestant.
  • Destroying the judges’, timer’s and teller’s marking sheets after the competition. No one is allowed to see these sheets.
  • Preparing and distributing news releases.

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