Royal Canadian Legion Cadet of the Year Award

The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Air Cadet of the Year Award is selected annually by the Air Cadet League of Canada on behalf of the RCL. The Honours and Awards Committee will announce the chosen candidate at the mid-June Annual General Meeting.

At the invitation of the RCL the RCL Air Cadet of the Year will be invited by the RCL to act as the youth representative for the annual National Remembrance Day Ceremony held in Ottawa. The RCL will contact the Cadet in late August of each year and advise/explain to the selected Cadet, the particulars of the Award. The RCL will arrange for the transportation, rations and quarters of the Cadet and one parent or escort to Ottawa, where the Cadet will be a Member of the Vice-Regal Party (along with the RCL Army and Sea Cadet of the Year) for the National Remembrance Day Ceremonies. He/she will accompany the Vice-Regal party during the ceremonies and will assist with laying wreaths. The Cadet will also receive the Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence and will participate in other ceremonies, events and visits while in Ottawa.

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