Flying Training Awards

Continuation Flying Training Awards (CFTA): 

The purpose of the Continuation Flying Training Awards offered by our partners listed below is to provide cadets who have successfully completed the Power Pilot Scholarship Course the opportunity to continue to accumulate pilot-in command flight time. The awards range in value from $1000 to $2500.  Awards will be allocated proportionately across all regions.

Continuation Flying Training Award Partners:

  • Air Canada Pilots Association
  • Air Line Pilots Association
  • Air Transport Association of Canada
  • CAE
  • Canadian Business Aviation Association
  • College of Professional Pilots of Canada
  • Collins Aerospace
  • Jazz Aviation LP
  • Mike Reyno/Skies Magazine
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Association



Pilot Training Achievement Awards (PTAA): 

The purpose of the Pilot Training Achievement Awards is to provide funding for use in continuing a cadet’s flying or gliding training.  The awards average $300 in value. 

Pilot Training Achievement Awards Partners: 

  • 426 Thunderbirds  
  • 99’s Canadian Award in Aviation (in memory of: Isabel Peppler and Beryl Scudellari) 
  • Air Traffic Specialists of Canada 
  • BC Ex-Air Force POW Award 
  • Bomber Harris Award 
  • Canadian Fighter Pilots Association 
  • Dodo Bird Club 
  • Erb Family 
  • Frank Kobe 
  • Garbutt Family  
  • Jim Goodhand  
  • Mitchell Family 

More details and instructions on applying to these awards can be found in the application Form ACC68.

Award recipients will be announced in November each year.

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