Air Cadet League of Canada Medal of Honour

The Air Cadet League of Canada Medal of Honour is the highest Award that can be granted to a League Member.

Application for this Award is made using League Form ACC50EN. Submissions should be forwarded from the originator to the National Office (Attention: Honours and Awards Committee) no later than 31 March. Included in the application should be appropriate substantiation for the Award.


It is suggested that those charged with the responsibility of preparing a proposal on behalf of a League Member for the Medal of Honour ask themselves the following questions in order to decide whether or not a recommendation should be made for this Award:

(a) How long has this League Member been associated with the Air Cadet Movement?

(b) What has he or she done which has set him/her apart from the other Members of the League, and which contribution is considered to be above and beyond that which might be expected of any devoted Member? The fact that many, or all, of the normal League offices have been held and fulfilled well and faithfully, and that the candidate has striven to enhance the particular offices he or she has held, are not in themselves sufficient to warrant a recommendation for the Medal of Honour, because it is expected that those who accept League offices will put as much of themselves and their time into the job as their other day to day commitments will allow.

(c) Regardless of the offices held, has the Member rendered outstanding services to the League which has set him or her apart from other Members of the League?

(d) Has this Member made an unusual personal sacrifice of his or her time, or professional talents, which has brought great credit to the League, or which has enhanced the prestige of Air Cadets within the community?

(e) Has he or she rendered services to Air Cadets so much above those rendered by any other Member that it is felt that only by granting of the League’s highest Award can these services be fully recognized?


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