ACC63 Air Cadet League of Canada Member Long Service Medal

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The Air Cadet League of Canada Volunteer Long Service Medal is available to individuals who have provided ten years or more of service to the Air Cadet League.  This service can be at the local level Squadron Sponsoring Committee, Provincial / Territorial level, National level or any combined of the three.  The 10 years of volunteer service do not have to be consecutive or with the same Squadron / Provincial / Territorial Committee. A bar is available for each subsequent 10-year time frame. a silver bar will be presented at 20 and 30 years of service. A gold bar will be presented at 40 years of service and beyond.

Nomination for this medal is made by completing the online League ACC63 Form ( The nomination can be completed by the individual or by another individual on behalf of the applicant.

 The Chair of the Provincial/Territory Committee (or designate) is the approving and issuing authority for the medal. Application for volunteers who work at the National level will be submitted to the National Honours and Awards Committee for approval.

Completed nominations will be automatically sent, in pdf format, to the appropriate Provincial/Territorial or National Committees for approval/recommendation. That approval/recommendation will then be done by the Provincial/Territory or National Committees by submitting form ACC63.1(

 Applications for the Air Cadet League of Canada Volunteer Long Service Medal can be made at any time. Approving authority will be responsible for the costs associated with the medals and bars.


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