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2021 National Effective Speaking Competition Results!

Congratulations to all 11 cadets who has participated to the National Effective Speaking Competition and have impressed judges and public!


Province/Territory Rank & Name SQN #
AB WO2 Sophie Anning 185
BC WO2 Matthew Douglas 858
MB Sgt Ella Wawryk 220
NB WO1 Micah Griffiths 101
NL Cpl Lindsay Hawley-Borque 508
NS Sgt Rabie Asem Khattab 529
ON Sgt Raina Vaishnave 80
PEI FCpl Nathaniel Stuit 60
PTAAC Sgt Haylee Fradsham 825
QC Sgt Perrine Yode 921
SK WO1 Catherine Battyanie 542

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