Sponsor Spotlight: Royal Canadian Air Force Association

Royal Canadian Air Force Association

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The Royal Canadian Air Force Association (RCAFA) is a national not-for-profit aerospace and community service organization composed of aviation-minded citizens established to remind Canadians of their country’s rich aeronautical tradition and history, to support Canada’s Air Force and to support and encourage the civil aviation component within the country.  One of its major objectives is to support Air Cadets and work closely with the Air Cadet League of Canada, and to participate in local civic and community programs, especially those designed to develop the physical, mental, and moral well-being of our nation’s youth.  The Air Force Association through its Air Cadet 50th Anniversary Trust Fund, created in 1991, provides a number of Continuation Flying Awards annually.  The RCAFA also supports the Air Cadet League by providing squadron copies of Airforce Magazine and in 2016 they also provided sponsorship of the International Air Cadet Exchange Association annual meeting held in Ottawa.