Organization – National Level

The League is governed by a Board of Governors comprising fifteen Canadian Citizens, representing all provinces and territories. The Board meets annually, chooses a President, Vice-Presidents, Executive Committee, National Honours and Awards Committee, National Fund Raising Committee, National Finance Committee, National Flying Committee, Policies and Procedures Committee, Effective Speaking Contest Committee and National Selections Committee. There is also an Advisory Council made up of the Past-Presidents of the League. The Board maintains a full-time administrative headquarters in Ottawa under the supervision of the Executive Director. This office works closely with NDHQ and provides year-round supervision and administration of the Air Cadet League and its numerous activities.

National Directory

Air Commodore in Chief
His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, P.C., K.G., K.T., O.M., G.B.E., O.N.Z., Q.S.O., A.C., G.C.L., C.C., C.M.M., C.D.
Extraordinary Companion of the Order of Canada

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.Q., C.D.
Governor General of Canada

Honorary Officers
Honorary President: Maryse Carmichael CD
Honorary Treasurer: Bob Robert
Honorary Secretary: Leonard G. Jenks CD
Honorary Solicitor:

Honorary Life Associates
Robert Burchinshaw, OMM, CD
Edmond Lanthier CD
Richard Logan
Arthur Macdonald
Rhodie Mercer
Robert L. Mortimer CD

Honorary Directors
Mrs. Kathleen Birchall
Brigadier-General (Ret) William Buckham CD
Brigadier-General (Ret) Ronald Button CD
Lieutenant-General (Ret) Fred Sutherland CMM, CD, BA, MBA, DScMil

Executive Committee
President: James Hunter CD
Past President: C. Mervin Ozirny CD
First Vice-President: Hille Viita CD
Vice-President: Thomas Taborowski
Vice-President: Marc Lacroix
Vice-President: Sue Madden, CPA, CGA

Board of Governors
Executive Committee Plus:
Jerry Elias CD
Russell Gallant CD
Douglas Slowski CD
Kevin Robinson
Roch Leblanc
Thomas Sand CD
Jacqueline Pepper-Journal CD
Christian Stumpf

Associates at Large
Rick Brooks
Raquel Lincoln

Directors (Chairpersons)

Newfoundland & Labrador
William Cahill

Prince Edward Island
Kendra Mellish CD

Nova Scotia
Bruce Morse

New Brunswick
Diane Davis

Quebec & Ottawa Valley
Raynald Bouchard

Daniel M. Hutt

Vern Toews

David Deswiage

Rhonda Barraclough

British Columbia
Donald W. Doern CD

Pan Territorial
Murray Adams

Advisory Council

C. Mervin Ozirny CD2018 – 2019
Donald A. Berrill CD2016 – 2018
Donald W. Doern CD2015 – 2016
Keith Mann2014 – 2015
Tom White2013 – 2014
Bob Robert CD2011 – 2012
Joe Johnson2009 – 2010
Jan Reidulff2008 – 2009
Craig Hawkins2006 – 2007
Lionel Bourgeois2005 – 2006
Guy Albert2004 – 2005
Brent Wolfe2003 – 2004
James Ash2002 – 2003
Gilles Cuerrier2001 – 2002
Ron Ilko2000 – 2001
Leonard G. Jenks1999 – 2000
Max W. Goldack1998 – 1999
André Courville1997 – 1998
Fred Hopkinson1996 – 1997
J.R. Bob Goudie1995 – 1996
Irene R. Doty1994 – 1995
Peter P. Prescott 1993 – 1994
David Hayden1990 – 1991
W.R, Ran Clerihue1987 – 1988
Robert Parsons1986 – 1987
Walter Mildren1984 – 1985
Charles Baxter1975 – 1976

Organization – Provincial Level

There are eleven Provincial Committees, one for each province and one for the Northern Territories. The membership comprises all local Sponsoring Committee Chairmen, plus such other persons as may be elected. Provision is made for prominent and influential citizens to associate themselves with the Provincial Committees as members of Advisory Councils. Provincial Committees meet annually, elect a Provincial Chairman, Vice-President and other officers and, in some cases, employ full-time secretaries or managers.

In a number of provinces there are also Regional Committees which come under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Committee. Provincial Committees supervise the activities of all Air Cadet units in their respective areas and are financed by means of public subscription and the support of their member squadrons.