Presidential Message for Members

I wish to thank everyone for your vote of confidence in the new National leadership team. The newly elected National Board met on 16 June and we had an opportunity to discuss the way ahead.

National, Provincial / Territorial and Squadron Sponsoring Committees have been able to undertake many initiatives over the past year, helping the program make the best of a very challenging situation. Now that we are turning the corner on the pandemic, our PTCs and SSCs will be very busy with the eventual return to in-person cadet training and activities.  At the same time, we need to continue reinforcing the organization by implementing affiliation links down do the local level where necessary and ensuring compliance with CRA.

Additionally, there are three main areas of focus. First, the ACL Strategic Plan provides a clear strategic roadmap for the way ahead, and to ensure we are all on the same page, I have asked the First Vice President and the Strategic Planning committee to develop a coordinated action plan that will outline key milestones and deliverables for National committees for the coming year. Second, as an organization we need to review our HR policies with regards to both employee and volunteer management. To this end, we will form an HR Ad Hoc committee to examine the status quo and determine the way ahead in terms of policy and training at all levels of the organization. Finally, we need to look at cadet retention and growth, and how this can be addressed by our National committees.

Much has been accomplished over the past year, but of course the task of continuous improvement is never finished. We have many opportunities to improve the organization, and we will need the continued support of our many ACL members on the National committees to get the job done.

Hille Viita, CD
Air Cadet League of Canada

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