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Career Expo Press Release

More that 500 Air Cadets from across BC and over 150 job seekers and familes gathered in Abbotsford to participate in an exciting Career Expo focusing on aviation and aerospace careers and the pathways to future employment.

Leading the way were 32 Exhibitors from all areas of aviation and aerospace as they touted the exciting benefits and opportunities of jobs and careers across many professions.  From Penticton to Kamloops and points in between, the Air Cadet League of Canada coordinated Squadrons of Air Cadets to participate in this event in order to expose young people to the many occupations available in these important sectors of Canada’s economy.

“We know that there is a current, and forecast, need for many more professionals and employees required in aviation and aerospace if Canadian companies are to maintain and grow their businesses”, noted Scott Lawson, Business & Corporate Development for the Air Cadet League who organizes these events throughout Canada.  “British Columbia is a key ‘hub’ of companies and providers from these sectors and we need to ensure that our young people – the future workforce – is fully aware of the great jobs and careers available across many types of companies.  Whether you’re interested in the skilled trades, technology or becoming a pilot, there will literally be thousands of jobs that will require skilled workers in the coming years.”

Having operated the Triple AAA Career Expos (Aviation, Aerospace & Air Cadets) in different regions, the Air Cadet League has now brought together over 2000 Air Cadets and a large number of other youth to engage and network with hundreds of professionals and companies across Canada.  Also on board have been many post-secondary education institutions, universities and flight training schools who provide a key pathway to many of the occupations that are available in the sector.

“What a fantastic event,” stated Dave Frank, Executive Director for the BC Aviation Council who participated in the event and also offer $60,000 in scholarships each year to young people and free memberships with their organization for students. “The Cadets and some parents cleaned us out of pins and tags and were very attentive to our message.”

In addition to the Career Expos, the national Air Cadet League also operates numerous initiatives to support skill development, training and education for youth and industry sector partners.  They range from STEM workshops to various scholarships and bursaries.  A new initiative –  AIM-AA (Advanced Incubator Model for Aerospace & Aviation) – brings together companies and educators to develop, test and evaluate new models and concepts for helping youth gain the skills, certification, credits or career pathway for any occupation in aviation or aerospace.

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