ACC68 Cadet Flying Awards

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The Air Cadet League of Canada is pleased to offer

Flying Training Awards.


Continuation Flying Training Awards (CFTA):


The purpose of the Continuation Flying Training Awards offered by our partners is to provide cadets who have successfully completed the Power Pilot Scholarship Course the opportunity to continue to accumulate flight time. The awards are from $1000 to $2500 each.



Pilot Training Achievement Awards (PTAA):


The purpose of the Pilot Training Achievement Awards is to provide funding for use in continuing a cadet’s flying or gliding training.  The awards average $300 in value.

These awards will be given to the top performers on Transport Canada evaluations, combined with outstanding performance as an air cadet. Graduates of the Power Pilot Scholarship Course who apply will qualify for the CFTA and PTAA.  Graduates of the Gliding Course who apply will qualify for PTAA's only. Awards will be given proportionately across all regions. A cadet may only receive one flight training award per year with the exception of the Top Power Pilot and Top Glider Pilot.


Cadets must meet all of the following conditions of eligibility: 

a) Must complete the Flying Training Awards Application Form. (ACC68E)

b) A statement of approximately 300 words outlining your career goals and objectives. Explain why you are interested in pursuing your flying and/or a possible career in aviation. 

c) Must have successfully completed the Power Pilot Scholarship Course or the PTAA Course; 

d) Must hold a current Transport Canada Private Pilot Licence or Glider Pilot Licence;

e) Must be recommended by their Squadron Commanding Officer and Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chair.

f) Must be a cadet on September 30th during the year of  application.

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