Presidential Message for Members

The core values that the Air Cadet Program aims to foster in our youth are in fact the same values that I have grown to admire in the members of the Air Cadet League of Canada. This is not surprising given that so many of you spent some time as cadets. But whether an ex-cadet or not, our organization is comprised of thousands of volunteers that work tirelessly to support the cadet program and to enhance the quality of the experience offered to our youth.

In the coming year, we will continue our ongoing efforts to reinforce our organizational structure. Affiliation agreements are expected to be finalized that will clarify the roles and responsibilities of the national and provincial levels and set the stage for similar agreements between the provincial and local levels. As well, organizational changes will be implemented, where required, at the local level to ensure compliance with CRA rules and regulations.

We will also finalize the implementation of the Next Generation Screening Program that will make it easier for us to ensure that all volunteers are properly screened. The Strategic Plan was presented at the AGM and outlined the change agenda for the next 3 years. Several action plans are already being implemented, all with the goal of making us better as an organization.

In sum, we will not be standing still! Together we will continue to rise to the challenges of delivering one of the best youth programs in the world. I am very honoured to have been selected to lead this wonderful organization and look forward to another successful year of accomplishing our mission of developing our leaders of tomorrow.

James Hunter CD
Air Cadet League of Canada