Presidential Message for Members

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President. I have had the good fortune of experiencing all sides of the Air Cadet Program as an Air Cadet in the 70’s, a CIC officer in the 80’s and 90’s, and an Air Cadet League member since 1999.  It never occurred to me at any point that I would fill this particular position – but I look forward to the challenge and will do my best to represent you well in all of our spheres of influence.

Through the Air Cadet program – I personally experienced and was trained in methods to help me to be a good leader, a good citizen, a man of my word, and most importantly – a good friend.  The program taught me “firm, fair, and friendly” and displayed to me what integrity, loyalty and discipline truly were.  It taught me to take responsibility and be accountable for my own choices and taught me that when things go wrong or poor choices are made, the first and last person I should look to blame is me.

Collectively we are the strength of the organization.  There are many challenges before us, but as a team we will persevere.   We must be one Air Cadet League, we must operate in an open and transparent manner, and we must move forward in a clear, concise and thoughtful manner to ensure the future of our organization.

I look forward to working with you this coming year to further strengthen our role as the premier youth organization in Canada.  Thank you for your support and confidence!

Best wishes for a successful year.

Donald Berrill, CD
Air Cadet League of Canada