On occasion, you may be asked by a supporter/ agency/ corporation, to provide proof of liability insurance in order to have access to facilities to conduct approved activities. The Certificate of insurance will provide such proof and can be obtained by simply completing and submitting the online form.

Why do I need to complete the request form fully and accurately?

This will enable us to process your request in a prompt manner avoiding any delays and reissuance, which may result in the cancellation and/or postponement of your event. It may also avoid unnecessary liability to the League.

What is an additional insured?

What – an additional insured is an organization, supporter, agency, that will ask for proof of insurance.  You should obtain the full legal name of the organization, agency etc. along with their full address.

When – at the time you are discussing the terms and conditions of your contract/agreement

Why – It is important to ask them (organization, supporter, and agency) if they need to be shown as an additional insured on your certificate in order to avoid delays and perhaps non acceptance of your request.  They then become a party that the League accepts to defend under the League’s liability insurance policy.  This step should not be taken lightly.

*** It is important that you discuss the unique needs of each venue in order to avoid unnecessary additional liability to the league. Also be aware of terms and conditions before signing your contract. If you are not sure, please discuss and review this with management.

Why is my certificate not issued when I send in the request?

In general, we issue certificates within 48 hours, however there are some exceptions:

  • Certificate requests asking to confirm coverage past the expiry date of an insurance policy can only be issued once the renewal has been issued.  The date of renewal for the League’s policy is April 1st.  
  • Some delays may occur during peak season where high number of certificates are requested.
  • When the information on the form is incomplete and or incorrect.

Why is a venue requesting to be added to our certificate when they did not in the past?

More than ever, organizations are becoming risk management cautious and want to protect their own insurance portfolio. With this in mind, organizations are trying to transfer the risk to other parties for events over which they have little control.

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