Air Cadet League Elects New National President

IMG_5250OTTAWA, ON (June 22, 2016) – The Air Cadet League of Canada (ACL) recently elected Mr. Donald Berrill, CD, to the position of National President at their 75th Annual General Meeting held on June 18th, 2016, in Richmond, British Columbia.

Mr. Berrill, in his presidential message to League members stated: “Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President. I have had the good fortune of experiencing all sides of the Air Cadet Program as an Air Cadet in the 70’s, a CIC officer in the 80’s and 90’s, and an Air Cadet League member since 1999. It never occurred to me at any point that I would fill this particular position – but I look forward to the challenge and will do my best to represent you well in all of our spheres of influence.”

Mr. Berrill became an Air Cadet in 1973 with 44 Sarnia Optimist Squadron, and remained with the Squadron as a cadet for five years. He graduated from the Squadron as a Warrant Officer First Class in June of 1978, and returned to the Squadron as a Civilian Instructor in 1979. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1981 and served as an officer of 44 Squadron for over 13 years, eventually taking over as Commanding Officer from 1988 to 1992. Upon completing his time as an officer, Mr. Berrill joined the Air Cadet League in 1999 as an Assigned Squadron Director, and at times has looked after number squadrons including 19 Stratford, 535 Leamington, 27 London and 44 Sarnia. Through the recommendation of various League members, Mr. Berrill was appointed the Area Vice Chairperson for Western Ontario in 2004 (looking after 15 Air Cadet Squadrons), and subsequently was appointed Chairperson of the Ontario Provincial Committee in November of 2009. He is the recipient of the Canadian Forces Decoration (1991) and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal (2013).

The Air Cadet League of Canada is a civilian non-profit community based and volunteer led organization, which in collaboration with the Department of National Defence and our other partners, is dedicated to supporting the objectives of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program, and to developing in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership; promoting physical fitness; and stimulating the interest of youth in the aviation and aerospace industry, including the air element of the Canadian Forces.

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